METALIKA offers solutions for religious women/ girls who desire to dress according to the latest fashion innovations without compromising on a fashionable clothing line.

Who among us, the religious women / girls had not experienced disappointment while buying clothes in fashion stores scattered on every street corner, no matter whether it is an everyday t-SHIRT, dress or a skirt.

The item is always very attractive but, “fly in the ointment” the dress is too short, cleavage is too deep and the t-SHIRT sleeve is short, resulting in disappointment and empty bags.

Our willingness to facilitate fashionable modern clothing for us religious women/ girls is what brought us to establish Metalica.
In METALIKA we have developed unique garments for cleavage closure and extending sleeves, dresses and more…
In all the garments models we put emphasis on comfortable and stylish design without damaging the original appearance of it.